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The best-loved Mexican vanilla in the world, always ready to add a magic touch of flavor to everything you create.

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At Molina, we’re experts in all things Mexican vanilla. There’s a bottle of Molina for every dessert, beverage, baked good or savory dish you can possibly create with vanilla:

Vainilla Cristalina

Vainilla Molina Clear

Perfect for preserving your dessert’s colors.

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Vainilla saborizante natural

Vainilla Molina Natural Flavoring

The original vanilla for your everyday cravings.

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Vainilla Molina Extracto Natural

Vainilla Molina Natural Extract

The purest vanilla for baking.

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Have your Postrelicioso moment

Make the most delicious desserts, cakes, frostings and other sweet baked goodies with our extraordinary line of Postrelicioso powdered sugar, cacao and natural cocoa.

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Crea tu momento Postrelicioso

Vainilla Molina Recipe Book


It’s love at first sight. Get your baking inspo with our recipes to treat yourself, your family or your baking business.
New recipes every week!

Beverages & cocktails

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Desserts & bread

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Breakfast & lunch

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Vainilla Molina Vainilla Molina

Where to buy Vainilla Molina?

We’re all over Mexico! Get Vainilla Molina at all major grocery, convenience and specialty stores and online!

Bodega Aurrera
Casa Ley
La Comer
City Market
Super Aki
Farmacia Guadalajara
Mercado libre

Did you know we’re a socially responsible company?

These are some of
Molina’s efforts to better our environment:

Empresa socialmente responsable
4 r residuos

We’ve implemented the 4Rs to optimize our in-house waste management.

agua reutilizable

We treat all our wastewater and reuse it properly.

Energia solar

We use solar energy to reduce our annual electricity consumption by up to 78%.

Reducción emisiones co 2

We reduce our CO2 emissions by not using gas.

Paneles solares

We have over 100 panels to make the most out of our solar energy.

Certificado cumplimiento ambiental

We have received the voluntary environmental compliance certificate twice.

We encourage you to learn more about our efforts, values and history.

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